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Alex Davletshin
Composer and guitarist Alex Davletshin gives concerts both solo and as part of a quartet, quintet, with a small chamber ensemble, but only with works of his own composition. Alex's principle - absolutely no copies and quotations - neither direct nor disguised, neither technical nor stylistic. Do not copy anyone, be clean before copyright - his principled position. Therefore, Alex's music is recognized by both experts and the market: the Union of Music Critics named Davletshin's album "Kiss and Fly" the best instrumental release of 2017. In the same year,
Alex signed a music distribution contract with the American label Paramusic Group. . . .
Alex Davletshin's music is successfully sold in the USA, France, Switzerland, Japan, Israel and other countries.
Released in 2022, the new work "INCIPIENCE" received an excellent response from listeners and various music platforms that added music from the album to their playlists. This is a neoclassical album consisting of: guitar, piano and string chamber quintet, in which Alexey Davletshin revealed from a new side the skillful performance of the neoclassical style on acoustic guitar, accompanied by a chamber quintet.
The author of the album himself goes on tour to France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, China, Hong Kong, Argentina, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries.


Alex Davletshin