Kiss and fly

Concert and presentation of the new album «River of life»
Oktober 11 | friday
19.00 gallery
20.00 show
Stremyanny Lane 28 / 2A
Congress Center
G.V. Plekhanov
This is a concert performance - the story of kisses and flying.
Who we are
Spontaneous creative collaboration of composer, artist, dancer and producer.
Inspired by Alexey Davletshin's new album, we created impressive show
Kiss & Fly - a performance based on the impressions of travel, love, creativity.
Alex Zhernokluyev
Alex Davletshin
Alex Mogilyov
Tatiana Mitkaleva
Musical impressionism
"Musical impressionism as a predecessor has primarily impressionism in French painting. They have not only the same name, the same roots, the same aesthetics, but also a causal relationship. More precisely, pictorial impressionism was not only a predecessor, but also a lot of the reason. which gave rise to impressionism musical, which, in the end, was late for three decades. "
"How many kinds of kisses do you know? Starting from the first mother's, kiss on the first date to kiss-duty, wedding kiss, kiss of parting, kiss of passion, saving kiss?
They are endless.

This is what we shall contemplate, feel, play, live, laugh with you. "

Tatiana Mitkaleva
"Music takes shape. A few months ago I turned to my friend, the famous Moscow artist Alexander Zhernoklyuyev, with a request to draw a cover for the new album.
Alexander listened to the recordings, made sketches and was so impressed that he proposed to write a series of paintings on the motives of the melodies of the new album. To recreate not with a pen, but with a brush your impressions and associations. It turned out brightly, swiftly and, of course, associatively - the music and paintings complemented each other and sounded a new work.

Enhances the impression of the scale of Alexander - These are large canvases 2 × 2.5 meters. Approaching the picture, you find yourself in it entirely, and it either decomposes into textured and voluminous strokes like instrument overtones and notes of a melody, then it folds back into the composition and then you feel goose bumps running down your back. "

Alex Davletshin
" I was invited to a new show by Tatyana Mitkalyova, when I was not yet familiar with the guys. I did not expect such power from the collaboration of Alexei's music and Alexander's paintings.
It occurred to me to open this idea with the Kiss & Fly performance - kiss and fly away. So they write at airports so that cars do not linger for a long time seeing off their loved ones, that's the name of one of Alexey's compositions.
Alexey's album "River of Life" is all about our meetings, partings, but more about travel; traveling the big river of life. "

Alex Mogilyov
Alex Mogilyov
Alexander Mogilev is called the top Russian choreographer, so the creative group "Dancing on TNT" invited him to participate in the project. In the first season, he had to put complex numbers for the participants. And in the next season, he himself acted as a participant and won!
Alexander studied at the European Ballet Conservatory in Austria, participated in several productions as part of the troupe at the conservatory and still continues to work with them. Participated in the musical "Producers", was a ballet dancer of the Plastic Drama Theater.
Choreographer of the show "DANCES".
+7 903 22 36 777
Thanks for the amazing web-site: Tatiana Davletshina