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Alex Davletshin
Alex Davletshin
Composer and guitarist Alex Davletshin captivates audiences with solo performances and collaborations in various ensembles, from quartets to quintets and small chamber groups. What sets Alex apart is his unwavering commitment to presenting only original compositions—no reproductions or quotations, be they direct or disguised, technical or stylistic. Alex upholds a principled stance against copying, maintaining a pristine record with regard to copyright. This commitment to authenticity has garnered recognition from both experts and the market. The Union of Music Critics awarded Davletshin's album "Kiss and Fly" the honor of Best Instrumental Release in 2017. In that same year, Alex inked a music distribution deal with the esteemed American label, Paramusic Group.

His musical footprint extends globally, with successful sales in the USA, France, Switzerland, Japan, Israel, and beyond. In 2022, Alex Davletshin unveiled his latest creation, "INCIPIENCE," which has garnered praise from listeners and numerous music platforms. This neoclassical album, featuring guitar, piano, and a string chamber quintet, showcases Davletshin's mastery of the neoclassical style on the acoustic guitar, complemented by the rich harmonies of a chamber quintet.

As the album resonates internationally, Alex Davletshin takes his music on a tour spanning France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, China, Hong Kong, Argentina, Ukraine, Belarus, and beyond.
Alex Davletshin